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Solar Projects

Solar Project (Roof top Grid Connected Project)

Pulse Power Technologies Pvt.Ltd, a pioneering company in Solar roof top grid Connected project. We provide new-to-the-world solutions, established expertise and smart innovation in solar projects, renewable energy, precision cooling systems, infrastructure management

Grid Connected photovoltaic power system is an electricity generating solar PV power system that is connected to the utility gird. A grid connected PV system consists of

  • 1. Solar Module
  • 2. Moudle Mounting Structure
  • 3. Nuts and Bolt (Solar Accessories)
  • 4. Array Junction Box(AJB)
  • 5. DC Cable
  • 6. Solar Inverter(KACO)
  • 7. IIP
  • 8. GIP
  • 9. AC Cable
  • 10. Earthing Box with Chemical gel
  • 11. Ambient temperature sensors
  • 12. Data logger
  • 13. Design, Installation and commissioning charges- SERVICE

The silicon solar cell is a P-N junction diode that generated DC current under the influence of solar irradiance. A typical solar cell gives output voltage of around 0.6-0.7V under open circuit condition. Many such cells are connected in series/parallel we get a PV module. As we know when we connect PV module in series it will enhances the voltage and in parallel it also increases the current.

These PV modules are connected in series and parallel combinations forming solar PV arrays.

It always depends upon the ambient temperature and solar irradiance.

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