About Us

With the PV market changing in India the company is now focused on creating custom built solar power plants for their clientele with components which are unmatched in the industry. This backed up with a team with core experience in power systems and in repairing of solar inverters the company offers a unique value proposition to our customers –

“Custom Solar Power Plants – for a Lifetime”

We have had the experience of correcting the power factor dip problems in a solar power plant. The experience of harmonics stopping the inverters functioning properly. Experiences of 25 years unmatched in the industry ensures a smooth sail with us.

Our Mission & Values

WE BUILD CUSTOM SOLAR POWER PLANTS – FOR A LIFETIME so we do not undertake subsidy based roof top projects
which restrict the use of the Tier I components.

Trusted for over 30 Years

Established in 1995 by technocrats, we specialize in solar photovoltaics and power electronics

Custom Solutions per Requirement

We customize solutions for your every requirement, from micro inverters to high-efficiency modules, for grid-connected, off-grid, and hybrid setups

Assured Lifetime Support

As India’s sole service provider, we ensure your solar plant runs seamlessly, through lightning, storms, module damage, and more.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Exploring diverse frontiers – from Sunderbans to IIT Kharagpur – through innovative projects. We strive to achieve utmost satisfaction.

Enhance the quality of life at home and work

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Saikat Roy Choudhury

Chairman, Managing Director
Holding a BE in Electronics and Instrumentation from BITS Pilani with Distinction, and a PGDBM from Indian Institute of Management Calcutta with Director’s Roll of Honour, Saikat brings over 20 years of Power Electronics experience. He's a driving force behind solar net metering's establishment in India, driven by his passion for energy independence. Saikat leads our team.

Aditya Vikram Lakhotia

With a B-Tech in Electronics & Electrical Communication from IIT Kharagpur (1981), Aditya brings over 30 years of Power Electronics experience. He's played a key role in designing, developing, and mass-producing fully automatic inverters. With experience at Tektronix India Ltd & Biccotest Ltd UK, he managed after-sales support for high-end T&M equipment. Aditya's passion lies in Solar Photovoltaics, and he has also owned multiple inverter manufacturing units in India.

We work with the best OEMs

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